Saturday, 20 September 2014

Animal Welfare in the Third Reich by Kerry Bolton

This is a small book, but packed with information regarding the treatment of animals within National Socialist Germany. As with ecologically, animal welfare was at the heart of many of the new National Socialist laws, and Germany received praised from many nations for their efforts in banning cruelty to animals.

Kerry Bolton's book draws from a range of resources and documents the various steps Germany took to banish cruelty to animals from the German Reich, such as the banning of vivisections and kosher meat.

An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself.... I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.

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