Monday, 8 September 2014

I know some of my readers are 'preppers', others will be interested in self sufficiency. The Wehrbauer is a soldier farmer - and we shouldn't forget or neglect the farming side - at least for those who have become interested in Woden's Folks 'Ethel' project, where families grow food for themselves on a small scale, but share tips and knowledge.

One aspect which should be of concern are new EU laws which'll mean that soon, all of our seeds we buy from garden centres will be hybrid or GM.

In the USA laws such as the   FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (FSMA) means a US citizen can be prosecuted for growing and distributing home grown produce.

The EU has plans to follow suit, as does New Zealand, with similar laws. Whilst these laws are presented in a manner which describes them as there to protect our safety, all it means is the NWO will now control what we eat.

What is wrong with seeds from a garden centre? Well if you are growing your own fruit and veg, nothing. However, these seeds are hybrids (known as F1's). This means that a company can copyright the name of the plant you're growing - however the seeds that are produced at the end of the plants cycle will never germinate if you we're to plant them on in the next growing season.

One way around all this, and as a way of securing a supply of seeds which you'll be able to replant every year it to buy Heritage (also called Heirloom) seeds. These seeds are purebreed seeds - producing the kind of fruits and veg that our ancestors will have grown.

And as they are much closer to the original species from which they descend, you can harvest your own seeds to save and regrow in the future. 

There are many videos on youtube regarding 'seed saving' - and there are many sellers in the UK and US who still sell heritage and heirloom seeds.


  1. we need more Heirloom seed savers, in a time of universal deceit saving your own seeds is a revolutionary act. Hail Victory


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