Monday, 29 September 2014

National Socialist Germany - a nation of animal lovers.

National Socialist Germany - a nation of animal lovers! Under Darre and Goering, laws were passed in Germany banning all forms of cruelty to animals (Reichstierschutzgesetz). This has been well documented - however many people will be unaware of the extraordinary lengths National Socialist Germany took to protect rare and endangered species. 

National Socialist Germany was the first modern nation in history to pass laws protecting the Wolf.  These laws were passed in 1934. The Wolf has always been a heathen symbol, a totem animal of the Nordic and Saxon peoples. Unfortunately it was too late to save this animal from the slaughter of the shepherds and herders, who even today still hunt the wolf in remote parts of Scandinavia. The Lutheran church is the dominant faith in Scandinavia- a hardline reformist church. The slaughter of the wolves by christians is nothing more than an attempt to rid themselves of any reminders of their heathen past. The good news is that there are wolves living in the wild in Germany once more. I once lived in an area of rural eastern Europe, where wild boar and the European bison still roam free. I hope that one day they will roam wild across the woods and walds of England too, along with the bear, the lynx and the noble wolf as well.

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