Friday, 5 September 2014

Today we remember Walther Darré, who died 5th Sept 1953. Darré was one of Germany's leading Blood and Soil ideologists and is considered by many to be the 'Father of the Greens'. During his youth he had joined the Artamanen League, a nationalist agrarian movement, where he met Himmler - who had also joined the movement. Later in life he joined the NSDAP where he held the title  Reichsbauernführer (Reich Peasant Leader). Darré also served as Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture. His two most important books championed the rural and peasant classes - Das Bauerntum als Lebensquell der Nordischen Rasse, Munich, 1927 and Neuadel aus Blut und Boden, Munich, 1930 (The Peasantry as Life force of the Nordic Race and New Nobility of Blood and Soil). Darré was also founded the Ahnenerbe, along with Himmler and Hermann Wirth. Both Darré and his wife were devout pagans, who would distribute 'Germanic heathen calendars' to the farming community.

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