Sunday, 11 January 2015

Woden's Folk Ethel Project -

Land preparation.

The winter months are when we prepare the soil for growing. Any frost will help breakdown the soil. Now it the time to add compost and organic matters which will feed the soil. Worms will 'pull' this organic matter down into the earth which will feed the soil. As these patches will be for peas and beans, I'll need to add lime as these crops don't like an acidic soil.

In these bed, which is about 3 x 11 foot, I've added mulch from my own compost heap one end (near side) and shop bought soil improver the other (far side). 

The raised bed is made from four 6 foot scaffold boards. which have been painted with a wood preserve. I've three of the raised beds which will be for root veg as the ground is very stony and root veg will 'split'.

This patch runs parallel with the others. As my garden faces north/south my beds run east/west to catch as much sun as possible. This patch is heavily mulched with acidic (fir) compost. In the patch there are two established red current bushes, three smaller bushes no older than a year and in the green tub is an established blueberry. This patch is abut 1 1/2 foot by 12 foot long.

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