Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Bundschuh

The Bundschuh is one of the most important Wehrbauer symbols. The English translation is the Bind-shoe, however the German Bund refers to a folk-collective or movement too so that the name Bundschuh is a play on words.

In Wodenism, we find that Wid-Ar (Vidar) also has a shoe as his symbol, for Wid-Ar is the god of those who work the land - he is a forest god, the silent god, god of the silent majority! Wid-Ar's shoe is made form all the discarded leather scraps, which he wears when he forces open the jaws of the Fenris wolf.

The flag of the peasant leader Geyer is described in K WeiƟmann's book 'Schwarze Fahnen' as black, yellow and green, which are traditional Saxon colours. It would seem that many of the Bundschuh flags were the same, either Black, Black-Yellow-Green or Black-White-Red.

 above - Bundschuh peasant banner
below - Fryheit (Freiheit - Freedom/Liberty)

In this flag the diagonal row of crowns is also found on the flag of Saxony 

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