Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Today British MPs voted in favour to ban branded cigarette packaging -which is good new in my opinion. Tobacco is terrible drug which kills thousands of our folk.

The National Socialists went to great lengths to stamp out smoking and led the worlds first anti smoking campaign. National Socialists were the first to screen the population for lung cancer and banned certain types of tobacco advertising, such as adverts that encouraged woman to smoke. They were also the first to ban smoking in some public places, on buses,trains and trams. 

The old proverb 'Healthy body, healthy mind' is a known truth. It it the duty of our people to eliminate smoking from our society - and we should all support causes that tackle alcohol and tobacco addictions.

I strongly recommend reading 'The Nazi War on Cancer' which details the German effort to protect the health of the nation from cancer - and not just from smoking, but from asbestos and factory dust amongst other causes. The book also describes how the National Socialists gave the worker extra rights including giving woman extra protection in the workplace, were one of the first governments to extent work breaks for pregnant women and in extending maternity leave.

Anti smoking advert from NS Germany.

More active readers who are interested in martial arts and circuit training may be interested in this link (these guys are not political, but are proud Europeans).

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