Monday, 5 October 2015

The importance of the traditional family

The traditional family is the living embodiment of the concept of Blood and Soil. The traditional family of a father, mother and children is by definition the natural family.

The word 'family' itself came into use probably via the Normans - as the original English word for family is hiwscipe or hiwan. This relates to the Old High German 'hiwo' husband, 'hiwa' wife. We also find that the Gothic term was Haim - which cognates with our word Ham, as in Hamlet. A hamlet in England is a village without a church. So we can see now how the word for family also held a sense of belonging - not only to a family or extended family (kindred) - but belonging to a place. The settlement of one family became a hamlet - over time a village and from that the towns and cities. We see the English word Ham cognate with the German 'Heim' or home. The National Socialist term 'Heimat' meant 'to have a spiritual connection or love for the homeland'. This spiritual connection comes via the blood which are the bonds of the family.

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