Sunday, 4 December 2016

I think it would be interesting to look at the name Wehrbauer, to see what it does in fact mean. It is a compound word - Wehr+Bauer - armed-peasant or farmer.

Bauer is rooted in the Germanic languages.  We find its earliest Germanic form of  Proto-Germanic *buram which meant farmer or dweller. The Old English term was gebur, which itself contains the bur (bauer) element plus a 'ge' prefix- later becoming yeo, thus the yeoman. The Ge also cognates with the Old Frisian ga, ge, German Gau, Gothic gawi all from the Proto-Germanic *gaujan - and all meaning village, villager, district etc. The Germanic-Dutch term was Boer, meaning  farmer - the same title of the Dutch settlers in South Africa - the Boer volk, who settled as white farmers. 

We can compare these words with the French term 'Boor', a farmer or herdsman, which connects this word with the term Bovine via the French Bovier (herdsman). We still use the word boor in English which survives as neighbor and neighbour. The Scandinavian term for farmer is Bondi - which shares the same root, but cognates with Boden, the soil. This word has the same meaning as words like bond and bund etc. 

It is clear that the farmer held the highest position in the philosophy of Blood and Soil and is why the Wehrbauer settlers in Germany's east were so important. A nation must be self sufficient and strong if it wants to survive. 

No wonder Africa starves.Want to 'feed the world?'
Stop killing the farmers. Stop Boer genocide.

This photo is of an Odal rune display, taken at the Wewelsburg museum. I had the pleasure of visiting the castle many years ago - long before the new museum which has the National Socialist's rune and Germanic pagan themed exhibitions.  The Odal rune is of course the symbolic link between Blood and Soil.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Revolt Against the Modern World!

Today three (pro-EU) judges have blocked the UK from leaving the EU without a vote from Parliament. For most of us this is no real surprise. In fact I'm more surprised it took so long before a court overturned the majority vote. There is no democracy in the UK - and never has been  -since Cromwell allowed zionist-jews back into England. Britain is a zionist country, and what we are witnessing today is nothing more than another step in what is the long march towards the complete slavery of the European race. 

I was reading Wotans Krieger's recent post on creating an alternative Wodenist society and what we have here in England is a legal system already based on Anglo-Saxon law- Common law. This would certainly be a useful building block towards a larger system which would incorporate heathen lore and custom. 'White nationalist' political parties face a difficult future here in the UK, and many of the so-called 'nationalist' movements are  pro-Israel thus do not represent our interests anyway. A Common Man or Common Law based party may have a future. This would shift the balance of power away from the banks and political elites and back into the hands of the working man - but again, it would only be a matter of time before the system turned on this idea.

So the only hope we really have is that this corrupt and degenerate system collapses. Like the World-Serpent eating its own tail the system is dying, and we see all the hallmark signs of its impeding doom. Now is the time when we retreat back to the forests and allow nature to take its course! Turn your back on the political system, for it does not represent us. Don't waste your time with those who will never see the big picture. Instead, use your time to learn the skills we'll need to rebuild a society once this one has imploded. Learn how to purify water and grow food. Learn self defence. Kill your TV.  Home educate your children. Learn food preservation skills and prep long life food stuffs. Collect the tools and resources needed to run your home and garden. We have much to do!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mushroom foraging

Such a shame - found several species today, whilst out in the woods observing the equinox, not one of them is edible! We have the Common Earthball, Birch Polypore (not edible but they are used for medicinal reasons, made into a tincture), False Chanterelle (two pictures), Earthstar mushroom and lastly a photo of Russula mushrooms. There's about ten different Russula species which grow in my local woods - some are edible, some not. Not going to take a risk and eat these! I do know where there is 'chicken of the woods' growing, so if I'm out collecting any of this free edible I'll add some photos. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

The BBC have decided to cover the Jamel story again - as if the volk of the German village haven't had enough media mauling through their private lives. And it really does go to show that the system isn't content with you holding private views within your own home. The people of Jamel have moved away from the cities and towns, decided to live amongst their own so now the media and press need to travel out into the German countryside in order to be offended. It shows that they will continue to hound us until there's not a trace of our way of life left in Europe.

the now infamous wall mural of Jamel
(click to enlarge) 

Treu sind mecklenburger Herzen, von Freiheit singt der Wind

Sunday, 4 September 2016

As you can see I've not been updating these blogs as much as I have been in the past. This is because of various reasons - firstly, I've subscribed to way to many youtube channels! Mostly channels about bushcraft, survival etc - but also several very good political ones (Truth Serum II is a good one), and of course Varg Vikernes' channel which covers paganism and more - I encourage everyone to subscribe to that one.

But its not all been due to sitting around and surfing online. As winter is fast approaching I've been getting my firewood stores ready. Wood burning stoves aren't allowed in many English towns due to the clean air act, a bylaw bought in when most homes still used coal to heat their homes - however I live in an area where they are allowed.  

But even if you don't or can't use wood to heat your home, there's no reason why you can't cook outside with wood. Food certainly tastes better when cooked outside! And of course the fuel can be totally free. Cutting wood is excellent exercise. If I spend an hour at work, I'll earn enough to buy a couple of bags of wood, maybe 20 kilos worth. If I spend an hour in my garden cutting all the wood I get from pruning and the waste wood I have laying around - I can get 3 or 4 times that amount, tax free.

I have 3 of these little woodpiles scattered around my garden so that the wood I burn has been left to dry for 3 years. Ideally you should not burn wood which a 20% water content. For our American friends, and those in Europe, wood stoves are very common. Us English and Brits have become use to paying multinationals to keep us warm.  Money totally wasted really - when nature gives us all the resources we need for free. There was a common law right once in England that made it legal to collect dead wood from the woodlands for fuel. Some of the youtube channels I've subscribed to are 'Freeman on the land' style videos. Common Law is the true legal foundation of the UK and America - and still IS the law. All you have to do it claim it as such. Below are some quotes by the US statesman and president Thomas Jefferson to inspire us all!

And speaking of Common Law - foraging food was another right we had under common law. We still have that right if we forage for personal use, Recently a lady here in UK was charged under the law for selling mushrooms she had picked from the New Forest. The lady was from one of the Baltic states so this practise was normal for her. I spent a year in eastern Europe and it was a common sight to see folk selling mushrooms by the side of the road every Sunday. Foraged food is healthier, tastier and 100% cheaper than the chemical laced food we buy from the shops. Now September is here, for me I'll be mushroom hunting once or twice a week. Many fruits are ready to pick too. My wife uses fruit to make country wines. I certainly believe it is more ethical to hunt wild meat than buy meat from mass produced and farmed animals. Mass production and farming practices have changed our diet, and not all for the good. In the UK rabbit was the most eaten meat, wild rabbit shot on farms until the cruel methods of battery farmed egg and chicken production came about in the 1950's.  At least I take some comfort knowing what the punishment was for mistreating animals under the National Socialists. It might surprise you to learn this little known fact - that nearly ALL  New Zealand lamb sold in the UK is Halal.  And this is allowed because Halal=Kosher.

Home education takes up a lot of my time. I would encourage everyone to home ed if they are allowed to in the country they live in. I understand that you can't in parts of Europe. But you are well within your rights to do so in the UK - in fact there is NO law that requires your child to attend school in the UK - the education act states your child must be educated. Two words in the 'law' give you the right to refuse the states request to send your kids to school - the law saying your child must be educated, in school or otherwise'. It is the two words 'or otherwise' that allows you to arrange your own education for your children. Now, once again we enter into a Common Law area. It is your right to raise your children and educate them under Common Law, but the moment your child's name is added to a school register then you are making a formal contract with the school to educate your child, and your Common Law right ends. This is why you can't take your children on holiday during term time, because this becomes a breach of contract.

Lastly - the garden. I've been involved with Woden's Folk Ethel project for many years - named after the Ethel (Odal) rune - it was started to encourage folk to grow food in their gardens or allotments for personal use, a first step in the long progress towards self sufficiency. I have to say my garden did well this year, and I'm still enjoying the last of the food I grew over summer.  And the kids love watching the wild life the garden encourages. Even if you don't have a garden, I think you should try and grow something edible - perhaps herbs in a tub in the kitchen or the likes - a symbolic 'up yours' to the multinationals. 

A lovely single sunflower and below - what is left of the veg garden  


Thursday, 14 July 2016

A quick follow up to my last post with some photos of the raised beds at the present time.

Summer and winter squash. Snail and slug numbers are controlled by a toad!

potatoes, lettuce, mange-tout and peas plus other crops

Ethel Project

The spring and summer is when most folk think about starting a garden and most newbies will be thinking that gardening is purely a summer activity - however a productive garden will give you food all year round. There are many vegetables which can handle sub zero temperatures. Late summer is the time to plant these veg, such as winter leek and cabbage. So if you think you've missed your window then have a rethink! Preparing a veg garden now will give you food this winter. The photos below were taken back in feb-march, and the plots are currently full of heritage mange-tout, young squash, fennel, beetroot and much more. As I harvest these I'll be sowing winter crops - many of which will taste much better after a frost. I'll post some pictures of the plots in their current state soon. But hopefully the advice below will be of some use still.

If you plan to build raised beds then you'll probably be building them from wood - better still reclaimed wood such as old scaffold boards, which is what I used. I was able to buy 24 boards, each 6 foot in length from a wood recycling scheme.

The problem with wood is it will slowly rot if exposed directly to the soil. As you can see from the photos below, which was a raised bed I've used for about four years.

The best way to prolong your beds is to line them with a water proof barrier. I was able to get hold of some plastic shed roof lining which seems very tough. This was simply stapled on the inside. To prolong the beds even further I tacked some scrap wood to the bottom of the beds to raise them slightly higher, which stops them sitting in pooled water after heavy rain. With all the additives which supermarkets add to food it makes sense to try and grow some of our own food - which is far healthier and tastier. And not only will you save from money for yourselves - growing food is a great home-education project which really teaches children the values of work, patience and ecology.

After 4 years of use and without a liner the wood was slowly rotting.

In this picture you can see  I've lined the beds and also started covering the paths

bark chipping makes excellent path ways

Heil Richard Walther Darré!  

born July 14 1895

National Socialist - Heathen - Environmentalist

Thursday, 5 May 2016

"National-Socialist Racial Policy": An Excerpt of a 1934 Speech to German Women by Dr. Walter Gross

Life does not begin and end with the individual man and woman; it also extends below, to organs, tissues, and cells, and above, through families, communities, and nations. A people and its nation is organic; it is also alive. Just as the cell has a structural and functional role in the man or woman, the man or woman also has an organic role suited to the life of its people and nation. Life also extends over time, sustained through the ages and cycled over lineages; each one of us is a link in the unfolding chain of life.

Source: Dr. Groß, Nationalsozialistische Rassenpolitik. Eine Rede an die deutschen Frauen (Dessau, C. Dünnhaupt, 1934).

Sunday, 10 April 2016

A quick gardening update - and a little rune lore too!

The word garden comes from our word gard - as in Mid-gard etc. The letters G and Y were interchangeable in old English, thus we also have the word Yard (more commonly used in America). The rune Gar (spear) can be carved around your property which will help add protection.

The Heil rune is another protecting rune - and is connected to the word Hedge (from Hecg which gives us Hedge and Hex, thus the Pennsylvania Hex markings on barns etc).  Both powerful and protecting runes.

Well as you will have noticed, I've not made many posts on any of my blogs. now the weather is turning nice I've been spending as much of my time in the fruit and veg garden as I can. I've rebuilt all my raised beds and have lined them all with a waterproof membrane. I should get 5 or 6 years good use out of them before they start to rot. I have thought about getting plastic raised beds, but they are a bit to pricey for what they are.

I now have 6 raised beds - each one 6 foot square. The pathways between them have a bark chip path which will suppress the weeds. I addition to the green house I have also put up a small polytunnel (not pictured) so I can grow melons and other fruit.

All the seeds I'm using are now heritage seeds so I can save my own, and share with like minded folk. These are often very old strains and will have been eaten by our forebears.

But why is this important? Well, as I've mentioned before, our race has become so dependant upon the support of others, we have lost many of the skills and knowledge our forefathers had. We rely on multi national companies to feed us and supply our water. We can help ourselves, but many don't. Not only this, but the suppression of our folk continues and so much goes unnoticed. The EU wish to make heritage seeds illegal - meaning we will have NO CHOICE in what we eat. If the state wishes to add certain chemicals to food and you have no choice but to buy it, what will you do? At the moment the EU have stalled on the idea, no doubt they have other projects to oversee - but the idea will be back on the table soon. On top of that we see that some councils - like Bristol council are trying to pass their own by-laws which will even make FORAGING illegal (link). We are getting to a point were we will no longer have the right to feed ourselves! We do have a common law right to forage and councils have no power to take these rights away. But because social media, TV soaps and other trivia now occupies the minds of most whites, authorities such as Bristol council will get away with it.   Foraging (which is a common law right  under the Magna Carta) will be punishable by on the spot fines (which are illegal in the UK under the Magna Carta)! This is what things are coming to in England. I received an excellent comment by an American reader of Wehrbauer (thanks S.D!)- and no truer words on this subject can be said -

 ...In a time of universal deceit saving your own seeds is a revolutionary act! 

For Blood and Soil!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Two interesting articles here and here regarding the association Thunor has with copper. I'd like to add some extra thoughts to these views. In regards to Wulf's post he mentions that he uses copper tools in the garden, I myself have used a copper tape which stops slugs and snails crossing over them. Like Wulf states, the copper carries a small electrical charge which shocks the slugs (or so the theory goes..)

We know copper is associated with Thunor/Thor,and he is described as having a copper red beard.  Thor's belt, which is called Megingjörð, is itself a symbol of the electrical circuit. Sif who is Thor's wife is a corn and earth goddess - thus electricity (Thor) always seeks the earth (Sif).

The word 'copper' is a Roman term. The Anglo-Saxon word for copper was Ar or Ara. This came from the Germanic term Aes and in modern use evolved into our word ore.

Thunor has always been a god of the peasant and farmer. His symbol of the hammer is a workers symbol - and Thunor a true god and friend of the working man!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Two Men -- Two Worldviews.

choose the right way..and get involved!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Waffen SS - Soldiers or Warriors?

There is a temptation to describe Hitler's SS as his elite soldiers, but this would not be accurate. The SS were an elite warrior movement.

There is a fundamental difference between a soldier and a warrior which I'll explain here. The SS was quite separate from the German army. They were drawn from all walks of life, all classes, from rich and poor. Some were members of the NSDAP, others not. Some from Germany, many more were not. What led these young men to join the SS was the  Weltanschauung they all shared. The SS was a volkisch Männerbund which was bound by the philosophy of National Socialism. A common cause and common blood held these men in union. It is this that made the SS man a warrior - his willingness to fight in a stuggle for a cause which he dedicated his life to. 

In stark contrast the armies of today consist of soldiers. Here is the difference. The SS was a religious order, an army who shared a common goal. Todays armys are not. They consist of soldiers. The word soldier means a 'person paid to fight'. For many in the armed forces it is just a job. And many of the worlds armies today are fighting wars for foreign powers in foreign lands, and would certainly be used against  their own nations people should any form of 'Western Spring' arise.It would be safe to say that most soldiers did not believe in the causes that led to the  fighting in Iraq - that our leaders were following their own political agenda - but they still went to Iraq, because they were paid too. Soldiers are literally 'sold'. Even the origins of the word Soldier has its roots in monetary payment - from the Roman coin Solidus, which was used as payment to the army and Soldato - someone in receipt of this payment.
It's being reported by some newspapers that the cost of encouraging over a million migrants into Germany is going to cost the country around £38 BILLION by the end of 2017. That is £38,000,000,000 which will come from the pensions, health care, schools etc. of the German folk. It is a total win-win for Zion.

Zion opened the door to Europe, to destroy the European gene pool. Just as Zion created ISIS who systematically are destroying our ancient historic sites. As anger grows, Zion channels this anger towards the muslim's who come here via the controlled opposition that it creates - the EDL, Britain First, Pegida etc - all pro-Israel and Zionist funded. The first two groups have certainly taken a Judeo-Christian stance. So the traditional 'right-wing' has basically taken up Zion's fight for them. Whilst the left-wing, which was always 'anti-racist' is now more often anti-Zionist than the right! This irony is still lost on many in the right who still hail Breivik a hero, even though he was a Zionist Freemason, who killed white children at a Boycott-Israel camp. The first thing the German government did after this attack was to state they may remove children from known German nationalists and place them into care. Again, a win-win for Zion, but this is how Zion works. Divide and Conquer. 

If Europe is to rise from the ruins - we must redirect our opposition. Immigrates will not stop coming here if we keep on voting for politicians who will bring them here. Banks will keep stealing our money if we keep voting for politicians who allow banks to steal our money. White solders will keep on dying in foreign wars if we keep on voting for politicians who will send them to their deaths.

The true enemy of Europe is not the muslim, but the politicians and their hidden masters who bring them here.   

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Refugee rapists harass and assault women - police did nothing.
German-volk protest in anger - police responded with tear gas and water canon.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

You could not make this rubbish up! Brainwashing our children with blatant lies, all in the name of political correctness. Again, this is not new but now they are really pushing their propaganda!

May I recommend to all parents reading my blogs this link here - for home education! (UK). Many of our American friends will already be aware of their rights. In the UK home education is still rather shunned and most people still tell me (wrongfully) it is illegal! If schools are filling the heads of children with this nonsense - I can only recommend to all families - remove your children from school now! 

Friday, 8 January 2016

The enemies of Europa not only opened the doors to Europe, but ripped them from the hinges! I hear almost daily people moaning about Labour and how they opened the UK to mass immigration - truth is, more immigrants have entered the UK under the Conservatives and Cameron, than any time under Bliar or Brown. It proves that there is no left - right division in politics, rather a single hidden hand who pulls the strings of all the parties. It is really us or them. Us, the free peoples of Europe. Them, the secret elite - the dark lodges - the 1%. 

If you read my blogs, then you'll already know of the horrible crimes being committed against the German nation - especially her  womenfolk. I'm afraid there is nothing new about these crimes. Our masters have knowingly imported crime and rape into Europe for years- they have just managed to keep it quiet via their control of the media. Just look at the child sex grooming stories in the UK, or the rape epidemic in the Nordic countries, especially Sweden. 

A Fortress of Europe cannot come soon enough. A community of Volk-Nations bound by friendship and blood - not by EU bureaucracy. If Europe had followed the advice of Himmler, then National Socialism would have stopped the rape of our lands at the border. I wonder how long the sleeping giant of Europa will continue to slumber before the actions of our enemy force him to wake. I only hope it's sooner  rather than later, for all our sakes.

Europe Awake!

Monday, 4 January 2016

some Heathen herb-lore

Nettle derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon 'noedl' meaning 'needle'. The plant is sacred to Thunor, and was thrown onto fires during thunder-storms to invoke protection. The nettle is rich in copper, which when fermented can give ale a rich red copper colour.

Lady’s Bedstraw is a yellow flowering plant found across Europe. The flowers are used to coagulate milk for the manufacturing of cheese, and are what gives ‘Double Gloucester’ its colour. The plant was also used as an aid during childbirth, where it was used as a sedative. Also called Frigg’s Grass, the plant is sacred to Frigg.

St John’s Wort is a beautiful plant with bright yellow flowers which reflect the Sun’s glory. Used as an anti-depressant it is sacred to Baldaeg.  ‘Wort’ derives from the Old English wyrt, which is Anglo-Saxon for “useful pot-herb”. The best time to pick ‘Baldaeg’s Wort’ is on the Summer Sun-Wend (Solstice), the day sacred to Baldaeg.

Woad is the plant where the blue dye used as a ritual War-paint comes from. Though most people would normally connect Woad to the ‘celts’, the plant is clearly sacred to Woden, the Furor (frenzied one). The blue dye was rubbed into the skin and used to invoke Woden’s fury before battle. Excavations show that Woad as being used in dye shops in Viking age York. The chemical name for the dye extracted from Woad is called “indigo”. Indigo is the colour sacred to Woden. Woad is nowadays used in treatments against cancer.

Friday, 1 January 2016