Friday, 8 January 2016

The enemies of Europa not only opened the doors to Europe, but ripped them from the hinges! I hear almost daily people moaning about Labour and how they opened the UK to mass immigration - truth is, more immigrants have entered the UK under the Conservatives and Cameron, than any time under Bliar or Brown. It proves that there is no left - right division in politics, rather a single hidden hand who pulls the strings of all the parties. It is really us or them. Us, the free peoples of Europe. Them, the secret elite - the dark lodges - the 1%. 

If you read my blogs, then you'll already know of the horrible crimes being committed against the German nation - especially her  womenfolk. I'm afraid there is nothing new about these crimes. Our masters have knowingly imported crime and rape into Europe for years- they have just managed to keep it quiet via their control of the media. Just look at the child sex grooming stories in the UK, or the rape epidemic in the Nordic countries, especially Sweden. 

A Fortress of Europe cannot come soon enough. A community of Volk-Nations bound by friendship and blood - not by EU bureaucracy. If Europe had followed the advice of Himmler, then National Socialism would have stopped the rape of our lands at the border. I wonder how long the sleeping giant of Europa will continue to slumber before the actions of our enemy force him to wake. I only hope it's sooner  rather than later, for all our sakes.

Europe Awake!

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  1. Those of us with daughters have been given the loudest wake-up-call of all.


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