Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Waffen SS - Soldiers or Warriors?

There is a temptation to describe Hitler's SS as his elite soldiers, but this would not be accurate. The SS were an elite warrior movement.

There is a fundamental difference between a soldier and a warrior which I'll explain here. The SS was quite separate from the German army. They were drawn from all walks of life, all classes, from rich and poor. Some were members of the NSDAP, others not. Some from Germany, many more were not. What led these young men to join the SS was the  Weltanschauung they all shared. The SS was a volkisch Männerbund which was bound by the philosophy of National Socialism. A common cause and common blood held these men in union. It is this that made the SS man a warrior - his willingness to fight in a stuggle for a cause which he dedicated his life to. 

In stark contrast the armies of today consist of soldiers. Here is the difference. The SS was a religious order, an army who shared a common goal. Todays armys are not. They consist of soldiers. The word soldier means a 'person paid to fight'. For many in the armed forces it is just a job. And many of the worlds armies today are fighting wars for foreign powers in foreign lands, and would certainly be used against  their own nations people should any form of 'Western Spring' arise.It would be safe to say that most soldiers did not believe in the causes that led to the  fighting in Iraq - that our leaders were following their own political agenda - but they still went to Iraq, because they were paid too. Soldiers are literally 'sold'. Even the origins of the word Soldier has its roots in monetary payment - from the Roman coin Solidus, which was used as payment to the army and Soldato - someone in receipt of this payment.
It's being reported by some newspapers that the cost of encouraging over a million migrants into Germany is going to cost the country around £38 BILLION by the end of 2017. That is £38,000,000,000 which will come from the pensions, health care, schools etc. of the German folk. It is a total win-win for Zion.

Zion opened the door to Europe, to destroy the European gene pool. Just as Zion created ISIS who systematically are destroying our ancient historic sites. As anger grows, Zion channels this anger towards the muslim's who come here via the controlled opposition that it creates - the EDL, Britain First, Pegida etc - all pro-Israel and Zionist funded. The first two groups have certainly taken a Judeo-Christian stance. So the traditional 'right-wing' has basically taken up Zion's fight for them. Whilst the left-wing, which was always 'anti-racist' is now more often anti-Zionist than the right! This irony is still lost on many in the right who still hail Breivik a hero, even though he was a Zionist Freemason, who killed white children at a Boycott-Israel camp. The first thing the German government did after this attack was to state they may remove children from known German nationalists and place them into care. Again, a win-win for Zion, but this is how Zion works. Divide and Conquer. 

If Europe is to rise from the ruins - we must redirect our opposition. Immigrates will not stop coming here if we keep on voting for politicians who will bring them here. Banks will keep stealing our money if we keep voting for politicians who allow banks to steal our money. White solders will keep on dying in foreign wars if we keep on voting for politicians who will send them to their deaths.

The true enemy of Europe is not the muslim, but the politicians and their hidden masters who bring them here.