Sunday, 10 April 2016

A quick gardening update - and a little rune lore too!

The word garden comes from our word gard - as in Mid-gard etc. The letters G and Y were interchangeable in old English, thus we also have the word Yard (more commonly used in America). The rune Gar (spear) can be carved around your property which will help add protection.

The Heil rune is another protecting rune - and is connected to the word Hedge (from Hecg which gives us Hedge and Hex, thus the Pennsylvania Hex markings on barns etc).  Both powerful and protecting runes.

Well as you will have noticed, I've not made many posts on any of my blogs. now the weather is turning nice I've been spending as much of my time in the fruit and veg garden as I can. I've rebuilt all my raised beds and have lined them all with a waterproof membrane. I should get 5 or 6 years good use out of them before they start to rot. I have thought about getting plastic raised beds, but they are a bit to pricey for what they are.

I now have 6 raised beds - each one 6 foot square. The pathways between them have a bark chip path which will suppress the weeds. I addition to the green house I have also put up a small polytunnel (not pictured) so I can grow melons and other fruit.

All the seeds I'm using are now heritage seeds so I can save my own, and share with like minded folk. These are often very old strains and will have been eaten by our forebears.

But why is this important? Well, as I've mentioned before, our race has become so dependant upon the support of others, we have lost many of the skills and knowledge our forefathers had. We rely on multi national companies to feed us and supply our water. We can help ourselves, but many don't. Not only this, but the suppression of our folk continues and so much goes unnoticed. The EU wish to make heritage seeds illegal - meaning we will have NO CHOICE in what we eat. If the state wishes to add certain chemicals to food and you have no choice but to buy it, what will you do? At the moment the EU have stalled on the idea, no doubt they have other projects to oversee - but the idea will be back on the table soon. On top of that we see that some councils - like Bristol council are trying to pass their own by-laws which will even make FORAGING illegal (link). We are getting to a point were we will no longer have the right to feed ourselves! We do have a common law right to forage and councils have no power to take these rights away. But because social media, TV soaps and other trivia now occupies the minds of most whites, authorities such as Bristol council will get away with it.   Foraging (which is a common law right  under the Magna Carta) will be punishable by on the spot fines (which are illegal in the UK under the Magna Carta)! This is what things are coming to in England. I received an excellent comment by an American reader of Wehrbauer (thanks S.D!)- and no truer words on this subject can be said -

 ...In a time of universal deceit saving your own seeds is a revolutionary act! 

For Blood and Soil!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Two interesting articles here and here regarding the association Thunor has with copper. I'd like to add some extra thoughts to these views. In regards to Wulf's post he mentions that he uses copper tools in the garden, I myself have used a copper tape which stops slugs and snails crossing over them. Like Wulf states, the copper carries a small electrical charge which shocks the slugs (or so the theory goes..)

We know copper is associated with Thunor/Thor,and he is described as having a copper red beard.  Thor's belt, which is called Megingjörð, is itself a symbol of the electrical circuit. Sif who is Thor's wife is a corn and earth goddess - thus electricity (Thor) always seeks the earth (Sif).

The word 'copper' is a Roman term. The Anglo-Saxon word for copper was Ar or Ara. This came from the Germanic term Aes and in modern use evolved into our word ore.

Thunor has always been a god of the peasant and farmer. His symbol of the hammer is a workers symbol - and Thunor a true god and friend of the working man!