Thursday, 5 May 2016

"National-Socialist Racial Policy": An Excerpt of a 1934 Speech to German Women by Dr. Walter Gross

Life does not begin and end with the individual man and woman; it also extends below, to organs, tissues, and cells, and above, through families, communities, and nations. A people and its nation is organic; it is also alive. Just as the cell has a structural and functional role in the man or woman, the man or woman also has an organic role suited to the life of its people and nation. Life also extends over time, sustained through the ages and cycled over lineages; each one of us is a link in the unfolding chain of life.

Source: Dr. Groß, Nationalsozialistische Rassenpolitik. Eine Rede an die deutschen Frauen (Dessau, C. Dünnhaupt, 1934).

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