Sunday, 4 September 2016

As you can see I've not been updating these blogs as much as I have been in the past. This is because of various reasons - firstly, I've subscribed to way to many youtube channels! Mostly channels about bushcraft, survival etc - but also several very good political ones (Truth Serum II is a good one), and of course Varg Vikernes' channel which covers paganism and more - I encourage everyone to subscribe to that one.

But its not all been due to sitting around and surfing online. As winter is fast approaching I've been getting my firewood stores ready. Wood burning stoves aren't allowed in many English towns due to the clean air act, a bylaw bought in when most homes still used coal to heat their homes - however I live in an area where they are allowed.  

But even if you don't or can't use wood to heat your home, there's no reason why you can't cook outside with wood. Food certainly tastes better when cooked outside! And of course the fuel can be totally free. Cutting wood is excellent exercise. If I spend an hour at work, I'll earn enough to buy a couple of bags of wood, maybe 20 kilos worth. If I spend an hour in my garden cutting all the wood I get from pruning and the waste wood I have laying around - I can get 3 or 4 times that amount, tax free.

I have 3 of these little woodpiles scattered around my garden so that the wood I burn has been left to dry for 3 years. Ideally you should not burn wood which a 20% water content. For our American friends, and those in Europe, wood stoves are very common. Us English and Brits have become use to paying multinationals to keep us warm.  Money totally wasted really - when nature gives us all the resources we need for free. There was a common law right once in England that made it legal to collect dead wood from the woodlands for fuel. Some of the youtube channels I've subscribed to are 'Freeman on the land' style videos. Common Law is the true legal foundation of the UK and America - and still IS the law. All you have to do it claim it as such. Below are some quotes by the US statesman and president Thomas Jefferson to inspire us all!

And speaking of Common Law - foraging food was another right we had under common law. We still have that right if we forage for personal use, Recently a lady here in UK was charged under the law for selling mushrooms she had picked from the New Forest. The lady was from one of the Baltic states so this practise was normal for her. I spent a year in eastern Europe and it was a common sight to see folk selling mushrooms by the side of the road every Sunday. Foraged food is healthier, tastier and 100% cheaper than the chemical laced food we buy from the shops. Now September is here, for me I'll be mushroom hunting once or twice a week. Many fruits are ready to pick too. My wife uses fruit to make country wines. I certainly believe it is more ethical to hunt wild meat than buy meat from mass produced and farmed animals. Mass production and farming practices have changed our diet, and not all for the good. In the UK rabbit was the most eaten meat, wild rabbit shot on farms until the cruel methods of battery farmed egg and chicken production came about in the 1950's.  At least I take some comfort knowing what the punishment was for mistreating animals under the National Socialists. It might surprise you to learn this little known fact - that nearly ALL  New Zealand lamb sold in the UK is Halal.  And this is allowed because Halal=Kosher.

Home education takes up a lot of my time. I would encourage everyone to home ed if they are allowed to in the country they live in. I understand that you can't in parts of Europe. But you are well within your rights to do so in the UK - in fact there is NO law that requires your child to attend school in the UK - the education act states your child must be educated. Two words in the 'law' give you the right to refuse the states request to send your kids to school - the law saying your child must be educated, in school or otherwise'. It is the two words 'or otherwise' that allows you to arrange your own education for your children. Now, once again we enter into a Common Law area. It is your right to raise your children and educate them under Common Law, but the moment your child's name is added to a school register then you are making a formal contract with the school to educate your child, and your Common Law right ends. This is why you can't take your children on holiday during term time, because this becomes a breach of contract.

Lastly - the garden. I've been involved with Woden's Folk Ethel project for many years - named after the Ethel (Odal) rune - it was started to encourage folk to grow food in their gardens or allotments for personal use, a first step in the long progress towards self sufficiency. I have to say my garden did well this year, and I'm still enjoying the last of the food I grew over summer.  And the kids love watching the wild life the garden encourages. Even if you don't have a garden, I think you should try and grow something edible - perhaps herbs in a tub in the kitchen or the likes - a symbolic 'up yours' to the multinationals. 

A lovely single sunflower and below - what is left of the veg garden  


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