Thursday, 3 November 2016

Revolt Against the Modern World!

Today three (pro-EU) judges have blocked the UK from leaving the EU without a vote from Parliament. For most of us this is no real surprise. In fact I'm more surprised it took so long before a court overturned the majority vote. There is no democracy in the UK - and never has been  -since Cromwell allowed zionist-jews back into England. Britain is a zionist country, and what we are witnessing today is nothing more than another step in what is the long march towards the complete slavery of the European race. 

I was reading Wotans Krieger's recent post on creating an alternative Wodenist society and what we have here in England is a legal system already based on Anglo-Saxon law- Common law. This would certainly be a useful building block towards a larger system which would incorporate heathen lore and custom. 'White nationalist' political parties face a difficult future here in the UK, and many of the so-called 'nationalist' movements are  pro-Israel thus do not represent our interests anyway. A Common Man or Common Law based party may have a future. This would shift the balance of power away from the banks and political elites and back into the hands of the working man - but again, it would only be a matter of time before the system turned on this idea.

So the only hope we really have is that this corrupt and degenerate system collapses. Like the World-Serpent eating its own tail the system is dying, and we see all the hallmark signs of its impeding doom. Now is the time when we retreat back to the forests and allow nature to take its course! Turn your back on the political system, for it does not represent us. Don't waste your time with those who will never see the big picture. Instead, use your time to learn the skills we'll need to rebuild a society once this one has imploded. Learn how to purify water and grow food. Learn self defence. Kill your TV.  Home educate your children. Learn food preservation skills and prep long life food stuffs. Collect the tools and resources needed to run your home and garden. We have much to do!

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  1. I agree fully. We MUST stop wasting time on politics.


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