Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mushroom hunting - October

My youngest daughter and I spend a lot of time looking for mushrooms. It's excellent to be in the woodlands and forests. My advice for novice mushroom hunters is learn the five most deadly mushrooms (they ALL grow in the UK) and learn the five easy to recognise common edible mushrooms. So you are researching fungi from the opposite ends of the scale. Once you are happy that you recognise the poisonous ones so that you won't be killing yourself by mistake (...there's a saying that goes you can eat any mushroom at least once!) and you are familiar with some good eaters, choose another five edible and poisonous mushrooms to search for and learn about.  

Monday, 2 October 2017

White Sharia? Why not White Halakhah too? Sharia and Halakhah are the very same, Islamic lore and Judaic lore. Both are totally alien, totally foreign, totally incompatible with our Germanic Heathen Worldview. It alarms me to see so many 'white' nationalists websites and groups promoting 'white sharia'. The ancient Germanic women had the same rights as the men. They were allowed to marry, divorce and hold property. This blog supports traditional gender roles. For our womenfolk - this means motherhood - which is the greatest fulfilment a woman can achieve, but in no way should the role be forced onto our women!  Reject 'white sharia' and all other alien creeds!! 

European women are to beautiful, to precious and to important to be subjected to White Sharia. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

A happy Eventide to you all!

The Jera rune - This is such an appropriate rune to symbolise the Eventide (equinox). The rune of the harvest and the cycle of the year, for now we reap what we sow. All the effort we made in the spring is rewarded.

The Eventide in named because it is just that - even! Equal day for night. Now, and for the rest of the year, we see the return of darkness - time to enjoy the fruits of our labours!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Today I had the unpleasant task today of dispatching one of my chickens. My children called her 'henny' and I've had her (an orange Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam) for well over nine years - a very long time for a small bantam breed. I keep a small flock of about 5-7 birds for eggs. I have bred Wyandotte's in the past, and if anyone was thinking about getting chicks for their small holdings or even gardens, Wyandotte's are an excellent choice. Breeding chicks means my children have seen them from the very moment they hatch to the moment they die - the complete life cycle - which reinforces the understanding of what 'life' is. 

Killing is never a pleasant experience. I shoot rats around my neighbouring farm - and I hunt and fish for wild meat. But one thing I oppose is hunting for sport, the so called 'blood sports'.  And I absolutely oppose animal cruelty. It is absolute alien to both the National Socialist and Aryan worldview. I respect the fact that nature is structured within a food change. In fact the top five most intelligent species on Earth ALL EAT MEAT. It is also true at ALL LIFE IS MAINTAINED BY DEPRIVING OVERS FROM THEIRS. After all - fruit and veg are living things. But there is a huge difference between killing for food and killing for fun. It has also been proved beyond doubt that people who hurt and attack animals when young grow into adults who attack and abuse children in later life.

We eat to survive. Without hunting our ancestors would not have survived and our great race would not exist.

I have a sister who is vegetarian. I also have good friends who are too. Their reasons however are worlds apart. Whilst my sisters view came around as nothing more than a fashionable statement (after all she'd happily wear makeup tested on animals or eat Mcshit donalds, my friends object to modern day farming practises, to the mass production of animals, to the chemical additives put in our meat etc.   The latter ideas are something I can totally relate too. With all the additives in meat and milk it is not a bad idea to be a vegetarian in this 'chemical age'. 

One of the problems we face today is if we want to eat healthy we need to import expensive foods like avocados and the likes. The problem is these are not native and we create air pollution importing them. All this points to more reasons we need to take control of our own food production.

Eat what is in season.
Eat what is locally produced.
Eat organic food when you can.
Grow it yourself!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Ethel Project

natural pest control

It really is not a good idea to use chemicals to control pests and weeds in the garden or veg plots. This causes a long term imbalance, starting with the soil - and eventually the chemicals will reach you via the food you eat.

The best and most natural way to control pests is to encourage predators into your garden. Last year I noticed I lost very few seedlings to slugs and snails. I use to have a length of wood across one patch which I use to walk across - and found that toads would hide beneath it. The toads would come out at night and eat the slugs. This year I'll provide as many mini habitats as possible for toads to hide under. 

 Even in the smallest of gardens or allotments, and a small pond - or even a bucket of water - will attract wildlife. Another idea would be to leave a square meter (or yard) of grass uncut allowing the grass to grow wild. These small acts help kick start a process of encouraging wildlife into the garden which will eventually encourage predators. Ideally toads, hedgehogs and slow worms are the critters you want to welcome. 

two broken 'rhino tubs' which filled with rain water - this is now full of life

in my polytunnel there are many toads hiding under pots and beneath grow bags

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hopefully you've all been busy outside, planting your seeds, feeding the soil, cutting firewood and foraging free and wild food!

Not everyone has green fingers, but I think everyone - especially those of us with children- who have space to grow should give it a go. 

Ideally you should be looking for heritage seeds - our North American friends call them Heirloom seeds so look out for these too. Heritage seed varieties have a long history and plants are often much closer related to their wild ancestors than the F1 hybrids.You can save the seed from a heirloom variety and they will regrow year after year.  And here is an important lesson - If you crossbreed them the strain is lost and the line destroyed. Many folk rightly seed save and seed share, thus the strain is protected. It is such a shame that the same principles are not applied to people! Why are people so ignorant to assume these simple laws of nature don't apply to us? Preserve your heritage!

Anyway, back to the seeds! I was in my local garden centre and I was very pleased to see them selling heritage plants, which makes planting even easier as they've already done the germination for you. So now there can be no excuses :)

Here are some tips for newbies.

If you are not sure how deep to plant a seed - plant the seed as deep into the soil as the size of the seed you have. So beans can be planted an inch or so under the soil. Fine seeds can be simply cast over the soil.

Water seeds planted in pots from above - but once they have germinated, place the pot into a tray and pour water into the tray so it soaks up from the bottom. Some plants stems rot easy when young.

Always say no to GMO.

Local and native varieties will always grow better in your patch.

You need bees and insects to pollinate your plants. No pollination - no food. Encourage bees so also plant bee friendly flowers. Save the bees not refugees.

Weeds can be a problem - however if your weed is edible or has health boosting properties, it isn't a weed - use it!    

Plant a fruit tree. Okay, it might take five years or more before you get fruit, but once you do, you'll get the best fruit every year for a very long time. A tree you plant will be a sacred thing. Use the wood to carve runes. Hang bird feeders from it and give a little back. 

top - this is whats left of my winter crops 
above - some of the heritage plants form a garden centre.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Red Ice have started to produce some great videos on healthy eating etc. so I will add the link below and encourage everyone to watch these.

In our household we make kefir drinks - both milk and fruit kefir. Included is a link on nut milks. This is something which we don't do as yet, namely because I'd rather use harvested nuts than shop bought. I know where several walnut trees grow near to where I live, and there are numerous hazel trees. A young almond tree grown within sight of my front garden, so may be this year I'll give nut milk a try. Soy milk is often drunk as an alternative to dairy. I would suggest males avoid drinking this on a regular bases as soy contains high levels of oestrogen. It is also true that Europeans are generally lactose tolerant. Diary contains good fats which are essential for  your brain - human breast milk is 50% fat. Ghee is an Indian butter that has had the diary removed from it (you can do this at home with butter by heating is until is separates). Ghee has a surprisingly long shelf life so makes a good prepper's butter. Ghee is rich in vitamins A, D and E. 

I would also encourage everyone to try the bone broth. I make gelatin almost weekly from chicken and this really is a superfood. Add the gelatin to soup. Gelatin is given to hospital patients in many countries. It is high in amino acids and is great for joint pain.

Along with these videos I would highly recommend the book  'Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats' by Sally Fallon (don't allow the leftist style book cover put you off). This book, and all of her other works are full of information on healthy eating, which is backed up be research, facts and example.  

Lastly, I'm hoping that Red Ice produce a video on kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink. We produce this in our household and is done by growing a SCOBY, which is a yeast type solid which produces a healthy bacteria that is good for you, much the same way as the bacteria in Yakult works. Kombucha is flavoured with fruit and each bottle will grow its own SCOBY.  

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The need for Self Sufficiency.

For those of you who are based in the UK, you will have no doubt seen the recent news of the so-called veg-rationing that's taking place across UK supermarkets. This is (supposedly) due to severe weather conditions in Spain. Asda has limits to six green veg of some types, Morrisons has limits of four.

What does this tell us? Well it is no secret that the UK cannot feed itself. This has been the case since  around the early 1900's.  After the First Brothers War, eating habits changed, as did many farming practises. Rabbit had been the common meat eaten in England. This changed to chicken with the introduction of battery farms. After the Second Brothers War not only did we start importing a lot more food, the UK experienced the start of the great multi-culti experiment - immigration being the cause of our population explosion. The UK loses farmland to housing and the problem gets worse. In contrast, Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein WAS self sufficient in both food and energy. This is why placing sanctions on Iraq prior to the Gulf wars was pointless and achieved nothing. 

Big business also use these times to increase prices. It's bad enough that across the UK many companies are raising prices and blaming Brexit - even home producers who grow produce in the UK are using this as an excuse, time to boycott these fat cat companies. Soon production will return to normal but prices will stay high.   

Another issue is folk are out of touch with the seasons. People are actually asking 'where are the British fruit and veg'? As if apples grow all year round on the trees, or lettuce grows in the winter. The fact they are so divorced from nature and expect the same produce all year round is the reason it has to be imported in the first place. Eat what is in season! It is cheaper and is proven to be healthier! Food grown naturally in accordance with nature doesn't need pesticide.

This is why we need to be self sufficient. Ideally at a national level, but it is clear from peoples attitudes it is not in the mindset of most folk. Thus we need to take the lead on a personal  level. If we grow food in the garden or the allotment then we can start to avoid  issues when they hit the shops. Not only that but we can boast our food is healthier and local. I believe that hunting for meat - and never for sport - is also ethical. Always avoid the mass produced low quality meat sold in super markets. Local butchers who stock quality free range and organic meats are a far better source. My family's food production now also includes bee hives. This may not be a step everyone can take, but there is still a lot we can do for ourselves. The time to start becoming self sufficient is NOW!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Animals protected by National Socialist wildlife conservation laws

The European Elk - European Bison - European Brown Bear - Eurasian Lynx - 
European Wolf - Konik Horse