Saturday, 4 February 2017

The need for Self Sufficiency.

For those of you who are based in the UK, you will have no doubt seen the recent news of the so-called veg-rationing that's taking place across UK supermarkets. This is (supposedly) due to severe weather conditions in Spain. Asda has limits to six green veg of some types, Morrisons has limits of four.

What does this tell us? Well it is no secret that the UK cannot feed itself. This has been the case since  around the early 1900's.  After the First Brothers War, eating habits changed, as did many farming practises. Rabbit had been the common meat eaten in England. This changed to chicken with the introduction of battery farms. After the Second Brothers War not only did we start importing a lot more food, the UK experienced the start of the great multi-culti experiment - immigration being the cause of our population explosion. The UK loses farmland to housing and the problem gets worse. In contrast, Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein WAS self sufficient in both food and energy. This is why placing sanctions on Iraq prior to the Gulf wars was pointless and achieved nothing. 

Big business also use these times to increase prices. It's bad enough that across the UK many companies are raising prices and blaming Brexit - even home producers who grow produce in the UK are using this as an excuse, time to boycott these fat cat companies. Soon production will return to normal but prices will stay high.   

Another issue is folk are out of touch with the seasons. People are actually asking 'where are the British fruit and veg'? As if apples grow all year round on the trees, or lettuce grows in the winter. The fact they are so divorced from nature and expect the same produce all year round is the reason it has to be imported in the first place. Eat what is in season! It is cheaper and is proven to be healthier! Food grown naturally in accordance with nature doesn't need pesticide.

This is why we need to be self sufficient. Ideally at a national level, but it is clear from peoples attitudes it is not in the mindset of most folk. Thus we need to take the lead on a personal  level. If we grow food in the garden or the allotment then we can start to avoid  issues when they hit the shops. Not only that but we can boast our food is healthier and local. I believe that hunting for meat - and never for sport - is also ethical. Always avoid the mass produced low quality meat sold in super markets. Local butchers who stock quality free range and organic meats are a far better source. My family's food production now also includes bee hives. This may not be a step everyone can take, but there is still a lot we can do for ourselves. The time to start becoming self sufficient is NOW!

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