Thursday, 8 March 2018

Like Wulf over on the Guerrilla Survival blog, I have been getting my veg patches ready for this years growing season. I've already started sowing which would have given me an early crop that I could have harvested before the pests arrive in the late summer, however the snow came and there wasn't the necessary light levels so they all bolted.  Nothing wasted though as the seedlings made a fine addition to a salad.

Unlike Wulf I've been removing my raised beds. Where I started with six, 6 foot square beds I now only have four with the idea of trailing the No Dig method in two 4 foot by 16 foot trenches. This is giving me a far larger area to grow in.

The snow was very heavy this year and whilst the Nordic world mocked our apocalyptic 6 inches of covering, in some parts of the UK the snow was very deep and presented a real challenge. I burn't about a half ton of wood in my stove which was lit almost continuously, so this year seasoning even more firewood will be high on the list.

Sending time outside in the garden or amongst the veg patches cleanses the soul - the magic of Blood and Soil! And this year I am going to use an area of the garden to grow the herbs and plants mentioned in the Nine Herbs charm. This will be centred around an existing apple tree - which is also one of the plants in the poem. This section of the garden will probably become a weoh where I can place offerings. I got this idea from Hex magazine who did a wonderful job of creating a Nine Herb Charm garden. 

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